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After 20 Years of servicing the greater Vancouver area, our techs are well equipped and knowledgeable and will tackle any malfunction in your garage starting from roller to installing a new door and anything in between, rest assured you are covered any time of the day, week, month, since we are open 24/7 365 weekends, holidays etc. from the initial contact over the phone or via email our friendly call center agents will coordinate your service call, according to your schedule so if you have a broken spring, stripped gear, falling apart door, torn cables, off track door, damaged door/panels, locked out of your garage or any other issue that is not mentioned here at Save on garage doors we got you covered.

Some of the services we offer

  • Opener installation
  • Opener repair
  • Side track repair
  • Side track replacement
  • Cables repair
  • Cables replacement
  • Spring repair
  • Spring replacement
  • Hinges/rollers replacement
  • Off track door repair
  • Garage door balancing
  • Noise reduction
  • Maintenance programs
  • Prevention programs
  • Panel replacement
  • Panel repair
  • New door installation
  • Keypad/remote programming
  • Opener reset
  • Garage lockouts
  • Clients Say

      The tech came within 30 min from the min i called , he was fast and knowledgeable.
    it took him 45 min to replace my double garage torsion springs.
    and i made it to work in time  
    Thanks guys!!

    Medina, Surrey BC

  • Clients Say

      WOW experience! the technician replaced my garage door the next day after a free estimate when others said it will take 3-4 weeks.  

    Mike, Burnaby BC

  • Clients Say

      Thanks guys for the repair, loved the service and the price.  

    Yana, Vancouver BC

Residential Garage Door Repair

When it comes to repair you can have a peace of mind when dealing with our service team, with our satisfaction guarantee policy , we wont leave your garage until the repair/service is completed to the highest standards, we have a no obligation service call in which a technician will arrive, asses the situation, will give you an estimate for the work that’s needs to be done, and the ways to tackle to problem, if you agree with the technician, and would like to move forward with the repair/service the service call fee will go towards the repair cost which means more $$$ for other projects

Residential Garage Door Installation

Here at Save on garage doors, after 20 years in the industry, we’ve installed almost all brans with thousands of successful new doors installed under our belt, you know we will get this right Not all houses are built the same and some of them will need some TLC In order to have the door operate smoothly.

Classic wooden door, new aluminum with or without glass windows low headroom or no headroom, we have all.

we carry the leading brands of doors in todays industry with many assorted colors and styles whether you need an old-school wooden door or a new school contemporary one

Spring(s) Replacement

The part that takes most of the “abuse” in a functional overhead door, they come in many sizes, not one size fits them all, its crucial the have the right size installed, the wrong size can cause the door to not operate properly, and in some cases cause damage to the sections of the overhead and other parts and may even hurt someone, when looking for a spring replacement look for a high cycle spring which defines the life span of the spring.

Some, if handy may go for the DIY option but keep in mind that loaded springs and the connected parts may cause Sirius damage or even death, we always recommend using a professional, and we would be more them happy replacing and installing the right spring(s) for your overhead door

Cable Replacement

The linking component between the springs and the overhead door.

Thanks to a heavy cable that runs through the springs, preventing them from recoiling, any danger is limited. However, if that cable were to break, you have a serious potential problem.

There are many situations that may affect the functionality of the garage door and cause damage. For example, when a few door cables roll over the drum inappropriately it causes a situation of jammed garage door. This situation lets the garage door to drop on one side and may affect the proper closing and opening of the garage door. Therefore, in such cases the cables have to be unrolled from the doors and would need a new setup. In addition, the pulleys of the garage door may stop working and this situation can halter the proper working of the garage door leaving them in a stuck position.

Garage door cables go through wear and tear due to repetitive daily use of the garage door mechanism which affects other parts of the garage door as well due to this reason. If the owner does not take care of the garage door during harsh weather conditions especially here in Canada, garage door cables get affected and may get rusted. The anti-rust measures must be taken well in advance, otherwise the cables may corrode. The garage door cables are made up of a bundle of high gauge cables, and a fraying cable may lead to loosening of the entire cable. The best and the safest way to get garage door cables repaired is by calling a garage door technician from Save On Garage Doors in Vancouver. Here at Save On Garage Doors, we are available for availing our services in West Vancouver and North Vancouver regions.

Opener Repair/Installation

The “biggest” innovation in your garage Brings the technology of today to your garage and makes lifting the garage door manually a thing of the past, like every thing they break down and its allways recommended to use a professional to get the job done Right. If it’s a brand new installation, gear replacement, or a faulty motherboard

Sales. Service. Repair. Installation – We do it right the first time!

Here at Save On Garage Doors, we always prioritize serving our customers 24*7 by providing the best garage door services in Vancouver. We feel extremely delighted helping our clients with garage door services located in West and North Vancouver and providing garage door opener repair back in proper working condition. We can be reached VIA email or phone.

One of the most complicated parts of a garage door is the opener. There are many components that make up the garage door opener, including hardware, bolts, and nuts. There are numerous drive mechanisms in it and that maybe a complex task for an average home owner to tackle. Save On Garage Doors in Vancouver have the best experts in garage door openers that can handle the most complex garage door opener cases.

All garage door elements have different functions and no doubt you should always consult an experienced technician, as any garage door matters should only be repaired or installed by an experienced garage door technician due to safety reasons. The diverse parts such as chains, screws, rubber belts should not be operated or be repaired by an untrained person; an inadequate attempt of repairing them may harm you, hence the garage door opener should only be maintained by a professional garage door repair company.

A garage door comprises of many other components as one of them is the spring(s). Garage door springs are always under a lot of tension and when they are in a closed position, the pressure increases substantially. Garage door operated by two types of springs; extension springs and torsion springs (usually employed on the bigger and heavier doors).

There should be no tampering with the garage door springs by the owners due to a reason that it can cause a serious injury or death. Save On Garage Doors have very knowledgeable technicians that deal with garage door springs on the daily basis and have years of experience. We have the most skilled technicians serving you in the regions, namely West Vancouver and North Vancouver. One of the most important component of an opener (for generating lift, which is) will be the spring. The extension and the pressure in springs may lead to the damage of other components of the garage door if not treated and repaired properly and on time. Our professionals from Save On Garage Doors in Vancouver will handle every malfunction of a garage door opener. Many years of experience working in the garage door industry we have dealt with garage door opener malfunctions which resulted with numerous satisfied customers. We are always there to assist you in the installation and repair of a garage door opener of any make or model.

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